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25 Apr 2017 17:59

The Postgraduate Program in Evidence Based Medicine was founded in 1996; in 2014th Program name was changed to Postgraduate Program in Evidence Based Health. The Program aims to promote the application of scientific methodsin the clinical area to uncover new knowledge, link academic [ ... ]

18 Dec 2019 08:04

Evento: “Desafios nas Intervenções Antitrombóticas: Das Melhores Evidências à Decisão Clínica” [ ... ]

04 Apr 2017 16:22

04 Apr 2017 16:22


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20 Jun 2017 17:05
Immediate versus delayed treatment for recently symptomatic carotid artery stenosis

Autores: Vladimir Vasconcelos, Nicolle Cassola, Edina MK da Silva, Jose [ ... ]

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14 Sep 2018 11:26
Inborn-like errors of metabolism are determinants of breast cancer risk, clinical response and survival: a study of human biochemical individuality

Authors: Ismael da Silva, Rene da Costa Vieira, Carolina Stella, Edson Loturco, André [ ... ]

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20 Jun 2017 14:22
Esthetic perception of changes in facial profile resulting from orthodontic treatment with extraction of premolars

Autor: Iared, Walter; Koga da Silva, edina Mariko; IAred, Wagner; Rufino Macedo, Cristiane

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20 Jun 2017 17:05
Asymptomatic Atherosclerosis in Primary Sjögren Syndrome: Correlation Between Low Ankle Brachial Index and Autoantibodies Positivity


Autores: Garcia, Ana Beatriz Andrêo MD; Dardin, Luciana Paula BSPT; Minali, Paulo [ ... ]

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